What Ladies European Tour players and tour professionals have said about Vicki:

“In terms of improvement, I feel I am better equipped to handle myself and various situations than I was 6 months ago and you can’t put a monetary value on that”.

“Your service has definitely helped me & has given me a new lease on my career & a fresh start on my new goals”.

“The sessions are run with flexibility and…run in a way that makes me think about how I think, the questions you ask make me think and reflect”.

“I learned about goal setting and turning on and off my focus during a round.  And it was nice to have someone to talk to about what was going on in my mind”.

“Sometimes change is hard – so at first  there maybe times you don’t like what was taught, but when you actually do it and it works – then you like it!”.

“I like how you get me to work it out for myself…eventually!...I did most of the talking and learnt from myself! (You did this though!!)”.

“I value your knowledge and approach.  I like your humour and that you are laid back and honest with your comments”.

“Great to have an outside person to talk to who is unbias[ed] and someone to bounce ideas off when you have had a good or bad day”.

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